About MaryP


I am an amateur and took up photography 1991. I had an EOS RT. . and joined the local camera club.Discovered i loved macro and 'arty' photography. In 2003 i turned to digital with a Canon G6. Still use it from time to time.I was born in Cheshire , England , joined the WRAC (womens royal army corps) at the age of 21. Married a Military Police man at the age of 25 . We came back to 'blighty' in 1978.Settled in a place called Winsford , near where i was born (Weaverham). We have a daughter(she is a Genetisist at Aberdeen University Hospital) Hence our reason, in the first place, for moving to Scotland. The best move we have made todate! It is a photographers Paradise, in all weathers!

Photography Equipment

I now use:- Canon 400D, 70 - 200mm F4L, 17 - 40mm F4L, 60mm Macro, also two lenses that i had with my 'film' camera, they are :- 50mm F1.8, Tamron 90mm F2.8 SP Macro (all other lenses are Canon) Other' bits and bobs' are:-Manfrotto Tripod, Macro Slide Rail, Angle Finder, Remote control, Polarising Filters. One other important piece is Adobe Photoshop CS3 for my computer, + a few plug-ins.